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Our NASPA History

NASPA began with a small group who reached out to share their stories and struggles, to find solutions to common problems, and to create a community of comfort and support. 100 years later, NASPA has stayed true to their original desire.  Our community is 15,000 strong and they are a thriving network that drives each other forward. The stories and solutions they share through their presentations, their work within knowledge communities and divisions, and guidance and mentorship they provide each and every day to each other as member colleagues is the soul of NASPA.

Constituent Group History

Regions and Groups

From early in our history, our members identified a need to specialize around issues in our field. Our regions were created so that members could keep the work of the organization more easily and economically between annual conferences.

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Naspa Namesakes

Honoring their Legacy

Throughout NASPA's history, certain leaders devoted extraordinary efforts in leading the Association forward. We honor them by creating namesakes so that their stories are never forgotten.

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Our Annual Conferences

The Annual Conference

For many years, the work of the Association was completely centered around the Annual Conference, a yearly touchstone where the members were able assess their direction and set the pace for our profession.

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Cherry Callahan shares her thoughts on NASPA

Take a moment to hear how a NASPA leader describes her NASPA experience.

Presidential Portraits

For many years of NASPA's history, we commissioned an artist to complete an illustrated portrait of each NASPA president. Explore them all on the leadership history page.