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It's a collaborative affair

Even early in its history, NASPA collaborated with partner assocations and specialty organizations serving higher education.  Often these collaborations grew into formal partnerships, or working groups that collaborated on an issue that could not be done as a solo effort.  We draw this spirit of cooperation directly from our members who are well known for their willingness to share knowledge, skills, and labor for the greater good.

It can take a village

Many of our most respected programs and services were developed through collaborations with partners and associations.  

Our Certified Peer Educator (CPE) program was developed by the BACCHUS Initiatives and a market leader in creating stellar peer educators. 

NASPA Advisory Services was developed in collaboration with the top leadership in our field to establish a more customized method of reviewing efficiency and impact of student affairs divisions.

Our 360 Proof program is a revolutionary way to tackle alcohol abuse and was developed in collaboration with NCAA Division III.

Across the field, NASPA continues its tradition of building community beyond the borders of our Association.

What is NASPA to you?

Our 100th Anniversary committee worked with many leaders of our field to find about more about what NASPA really means to them and to their careers. We're grateful that they are part of our NASPA family.

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BACCHUS joined NASPA in 2014

In January 2014, The BACCHUS Network officially merged with NASPA. 

The BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA is the program supporting student leadership and peer education on health and safety issues – no matter peer education group name, specialized health interest, or social affiliation. Involvement as a student leader or advisor in the BACCHUS Initiatives is often a very personal and passionate story. The peer education experience gives students the confidence to believe in themselves and the power of influence they have on others. For some, peer education is a life-changing moment for themselves or someone they help.

What started as a student led alcohol abuse prevention effort at one campus has grown to the largest active student organization in higher education today. Peer education has literally become an expectation of any comprehensive campus prevention program and BACCHUS continues to provide cutting edge resources and programs for students on a wide variety of health topics on alcohol issues and beyond. Peer education programs focusing on alcohol abuse, tobacco, violence prevention, sexual health, safety, physical and mental health issues all find a home in the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA.