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Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Leaders of NASPA, both formal and informal, greatly influence the direction of our association and have provided guidance and motivation to our entire field throughout our history.  Explore our history through the lens of the those who've risen to the top buoyed by the work and support of those before them.

NASPA Executive Leadership

Anna Gonzalez

Board Chair

Michael Christakis

Board Chair-Elect

Chicora Martin

Past Board Chair

Kevin Kruger


Past Presidents and Board Chairs

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Scott Goodnight 1919 1920 1927 1928

Scott H. Goodnight

1919 - 1920

Scott Goodnight (1875-1972) was the first Dean of Men at the University of Wisconsin, appointed in 1916. He held this position for twenty-nine of the forty-four years he served the University of Wisconsin. He was the "founder" of NADAM through admitting he was not aware of it at the time. In addition to his University-wide interests, Scott Goodnight was a Professor of German and a Goethe scholar.  He was a strong champion of students, a leader in the United States of an "extra-curriculum" to serve their needs, was one of a small group of men who "forged the character of the University... and established its reputation as one of the great universities of the world."

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