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From the very beginning, the NASPA Foundation worked to secure funds specifically to support research and scholarship - a necessary ingredient in the development of the student affairs field itself.

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Founded in 1973 during the presidency of John Blackburn, the NASPA Foundation furthers the research that contributes to practice. Historical highlights include:

  • 1973: Originally the NASPA Institute for Research and Development (NIRAD) – created October 1973. Dr. Art Sandeen chaired a committee charged with the creation of NIRAD, the NASPA Institute for Research and Development- a 501(c3) organization. Its primary purpose was to advance education by furthering the development of student personnel administration through the distribution of funds in the form of research grants to persons, institutions ad agencies and evaluate and disseminate proposals, studies and information about student personnel administration.
  • 1978: NIRAD published Pieces of Eight, a seminal book regarding the challenges and artistry of a working dean
  • 1989: Renamed the NASPA Foundation and incorporated for the promotion of research and the advancement and development of Student Affairs
  • 1992: The Foundation Board created Diamond club to consist of the first 75 NASPA members who pledged a minimum of $3,000.
  • 1992: Dr. Mel Hardee donated funds for cash prizes for the Dissertation of the Year Award, managed by the Foundation.
  • 1999: The first class of Pillars of the Profession were honored
  • 2001: The Foundation held the first annual Silent Auction chaired and proposed by Suzy Batchelor Adams
  • 2008: The Campaign for NASPA was launched – the boldest fundraising initiative in our history
  • 2008: The Center for Women created the Ruth Strang Research Award in support with the Foundation. This was first presented with a $500 award at the 2010 Annual Conference.
  • 2009: The Foundation Board created the Zenobia Hikes Scholarship to fund one participant attending the Alice Manicur Symposium.
  • 2012: At the 2012 Annual Conference, the Foundation recognized two professionals with the John L. Blackburn Distinguished Pillar of the Profession award for the first time. This award was presented to Margaret Barr and Doris Ching.
  • 2013: Foundation President Cherry Callahan and a committee chaired by Gage Paine celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Foundation at the 2013 Annual Conference in Orlando  
  • 2013: The Foundation awarded the first fellowships for the Jim Rhatigan Fellowship, a stipend to attend the NASPA Annual Conference.
  • 2016: The NASPA Innovation Grants were launched in 2016, supported and funded by the NASPA Foundation
  • 2017: The NASPA Foundation made a decision to bring its strategic plan in line with the NASPA strategic plan, further ensuring the Foundation’s support for NASPA initiatives
  • The 100th Anniversary Campaign – Beyond Our Wildest Dreams – will be launched in March 2018 with a goal of $1M raised to be awarded as scholarships, awards, and research grants