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Constituent Group History

Finding Your Community

One of NASPA's greatest assets is the celebration of the many identities and passions that our members bring to our organization. Our Knowledge Communities, Regions, and Divisions and Groups provide opportunities for our members to find their professional homes within our association.

Regions & Areas

Our regions were born out of a strong desire from our members to have ways to tackle issues that they have in common and create a strong-knit community where leaders can be developed in more intimate and personal environs. 

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  • Middle East, North Africa, South Asia (MENASA)
  • Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)

Region Map 2017

Knowledge Communities

Our current knowledge communities began early on as NASPA networks and task forces that were launched in response to specific issues of concern in the field. Today's knowledge communities cover a wide range of topics and lead the way in developing and connecting experts in these focus areas.

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