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Naspa Namesakes

Paying Tribute by Paying it Forward

NASPA's members have long understood the importance of the foundations laid by those who came before us.  To honor the legacy of some of our greatest leaders, who forged a new path and spent countless hours working in support of our profession, we have given their name to an element of NASPA.

Jim Rhatigan Fellowship Scholarship
Fred Turner Award for Outstanding Service to NASPA
Robert H. Shaffer Award for Academic Excellence as a Graduate Faculty Member
Scott Goodnight Award for Outstanding Performance as a Dean
Melvene D. Hardee Dissertation of the Year
Doris Michiko Ching Award for Excellence as a Student Affairs Professional
George D. Kuh Award for Outstanding Contribution to Literature and/or Research Award
Ruth Strang Research Award
Alice Manicur Symposium
Bobby E. Leach Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award
Zenobia Hikes Memorial Award
The Dungy Leadership Institute