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Six deans of men corresponded in the winter of 1918 with an idea to start an association and by January 1919, the roots of our organization were planted. The 100th Anniversary Planning Committee is excited to reflect back on our past, to recognize and honor those who came before, and look forward to the future of the student affairs profession. We invite your contributions of stories of inspiration and memories of leaders, mentors, and experiences that you rely on in your career today.

Support NASPA's next 100 years by joining the Foundation's Century Club

The Century Club is a unique level created to honor NASPA's 100th anniversary. Join today with a commitment of $100—gifted at once, or over time. This opportunity will only be available through the NASPA Annual Conference, wheredonors will be recognized with a special gift. Support NASPA's future success and help us go beyond our wildest dreams by becoming a member of the Century Club.

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Why give?
  • Support the future of the student affairs profession by powering grants and scholarships
  • Choose the fund your gift supports—including the new Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Fund
  • Your tax deductible gift can be made at once, or spread out into payments over time

Submit Photos

We’re looking for photos of you and other NASPA members at conferences, engaged in learning opportunities, sharing information during presentations, or spending quality time with a mentor! Have pictures from your volunteer role with Career Services? Capture a moment at the talent show from years’ past? Ever serve on a committee and have some fun pics of stuffing conference bags? We want to see them!

Submit Photos
What Can I Share?
  • Photographs from NASPA events
  • Photographs of event materials, ribbons, or other artifacts
  • Photos of meaningful quotes from NASPA publications

Reflect in Writing

We want to hear from you! We hope to gather stories that demonstrate the powerful impact of NASPA on the profession of student affairs. Take this opportunity share a memory about how NASPA has shaped your path in student affairs, write a letter to a NASPA mentor, or tell your favorite story about a NASPA event.

Share a Memory
What Can I Share?
  • Reflections on events that influenced you
  • A description of your NASPA Family Tree
  • Memories of career milestones

Share a Video Memory

Our 100th Anniversary Website will be a place to share video memories and interviews of some NASPA legends. Record a conversation with your mentor. Ask questions of your NASPA friends and hit record!

Submit a Video
What Can I Share?
  • Biographical video about your NASPA membership
  • Video interview with your mentor or mentee
  • Videos from NASPA events
  • Video expression of what NASPA means to you

Build the NASPA Family Tree

We are all brought into NASPA by someone. Share the name of your NASPA connection - the person(s) who introduced you to NASPA or boosted you into a greater role with NASPA throughout your career. Our collective relationships will be used to build a visual display of the many roots and branches of the NASPA family tree.

Join the Family Tree
How do YOU connect to the family tree?
  • Mentor from a NASPA mentorship program, informal mentor, or faculty member
  • A friend who first connected you to NASPA
  • Another influential person in your student affairs journey