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Region III includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. International members include Mexico; the Caribbean Islands of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago; the Bermuda Islands; the African countries of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa; the Eastern European country of Bulgaria; the Middle Eastern countries of Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates; and the East Asian countries of Taiwan and Japan.

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Region III Highlights

Region 3 boasts strong leadership, strong membership, and a strong legacy. Highlights include strong relationships with the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, South Asia) and LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) areas, hosting and co-hosting multiple professional development opportunities annually, and using technology and social media to engage members across a large geographic region. Read more about Region III below: 

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Visit the Region III website on to learn more about the region, including the current Advisory Board, upcoming events, and awards

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